Our Fundamental Company Values

At all times we strive to be:


patients motivate everything we do


we are here to change lives


we challenge ourselves to find new and better approaches


we accomplish more through working together


we take responsibility and deliver on our commitments


we are fair, honest, and ethical


we strive to work to the highest standards

In continuing to live these values, we believe we can fulfill our mission to be the US leader in prescription cannabinoid medicines, developing and providing pharmaceutical products that address clear unmet needs.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

We continually reinforce our values through our I-CARE program and our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.


I-Care logo

In addition to providing guidance on our business standards and practices, our I-CARE approach ensures that all our actions reflect our values.


CA Declaration of Compliance

Contact Info: i-care@greenwichbiosciences.com and 800-461-9330