Investigator Initiated Research Proposals

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Investigator Initiated Research Proposals

Greenwich Biosciences is dedicated to advancing cannabinoid science to transform the lives of people living with severe, and often rare, diseases. We welcome innovative proposals for research.

Our proposal review process consists of two steps:

  1. Brief Proposal: Our Brief Proposal is meant to be a high-level overview of your research interest, and the type of support you are requesting; a protocol is not necessary at this stage. Investigators with brief proposals that are of interest to the committee will be invited to complete a full proposal.
  2. Full Proposal: If your Brief Proposal is of interest, we will ask for additional details about your study. An application requesting more details will be sent for you to complete; at this stage we will also request a full protocol, and detailed budget (if requesting funds).

Greenwich Biosciences will retain drug-related IP on all IIR. Please check with your institution before applying.

To submit a Brief Proposal, please download the form below. The completed form should be submitted to

We are excited to learn more about your research ideas!

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